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Business Introduction

Authentication of users occurs extensively in all elements of the enterprise.
A continuous effort has been devoted to finding a safer and more convenient way to authenticate users.

  • Knowledge-based authentication

    authentication based on the information you know

    ID, Password, etc.

  • Possession-based authentication

    authentication based on your belongings

    Access card, OTP, etc.

  • Behavior-based authentication

    authentication based on the user's physiological and behavioral characteristics

    fingerprint, iris, gait, etc.

  • More than 80% of data loss is caused by password

  • 33% of online purchases are abandoned due to password failure

  • The reuse rate of the same password is more than 51%

  • Average 90+ passwords per user

Such complex and weak password-based authentication causes economic losses resulting from excessive investment costs and periodic changes in the company, which is estimated at $120,000 per company (Based on 100 employees).


Password-less that is also started by Google and Microsoft

As a result, many companies around the world are constantly working to solve these problems, and are constantly researching and developing to eliminate inconveniences and provide user-friendly touchpoints for all services.

Bye Password,
Hello Easy Authentication

Whykeykeysoft Inc. enables a world without password through FIDO-based biometric authentication.