acquired first-class GS certification

Ydentity2.0 has obtained GS certification from the Korea Information and Communication Technology Association.
GS certification certifies only excellent software products and is a system that evaluates functional suitability, performance efficiency, usability, and reliability based on ISO international standards. We recommend Ydentity2.0 which provides excellent information protection with the application of the authorized products of a SW quality certification agency.


Ydentity2.0 is selected as an excellent information protection product

Innovative technology, owned by the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Technology has been combined with biometrics and abnormal symptom detection technology to support technology/products/services of domestic information security companies. ‘Ydentity2.0’ was selected as it does not require password input.

Meet Ydentity2.0, recognized by the Ministry of Science and ICT for its public relations, overseas expansion, research and development, and technical competitiveness.


Bye Password,
Hello Easy Authentication

More than 80% of security accidents are caused by password leaks. However, companies still rely on passwords to log into their work systems.

Whykeykeysoft Inc. is trying to solve this problem by strengthening corporate security through the password-less system and distributed authentication on personal devices.


Whykeykeysoft Inc. presents a new paradigm of hyper-connected society.

Whykeykeysoft Inc. has a differentiated security system.

User Selection Authentication


By partnering with various bio-recognition solutions and device companies, companies using Ydentity2.0 can easily apply the bio-certification method suitable for their p articularservice and business.

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