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Whykeykeysoft Product

User convenience

Minimize administrator work by providing user portal

You can manage and control the information of when and where the user logged in through which authentication device.
In addition, it is possible to directly manage multi-authentication device registration/removal without the inconvenience of requesting the administrator for registration.


Administrator convenience

Easy account linkage with LDAP synchronization

By allowing users to directly control authentication registration, administrators' convenience increases.
By monitoring registration/removal/login, etc., all security information of the group and company can be grasped at once to minimize unnecessary work.
It is possible to link account information easily by the LDAP synchronization function.

Ydentity2.0 is the top security solution using PKI technology

Previously, sensitive passwords and biometric information have always been exposed to hacker threats due to centralized data storage.
FIDO Ydentity 2.0, which uses the highest security PKI technology, does not store any information on the server, so data cannot be leaked due to hacking.

  • PIN 인증

    PIN authentication

  • 지문 인증

    fingerprint authentication

  • 모바일 OTP

    mobile OTP

  • FIDO logo

    FIDO perfect correspondence

  • 인증 하드웨어

    authentication hardware


Support various environments such as CS lib, Radius protocol, etc.

It supports mobile-oriented FIDO1.0 and web browser supportable FIDO2. Not only can the firmware be developed directly and applied to various IoT devices, but also the CS environment can be supported the development of its own CS lib.
RADIUS PROTOCOL is supported so that it can be applied to the VPN without customization.


Ydentity 2.0 recognized in both domestic and overseas markets

With over 20 years of expertise experience of security expertise, Whykeykeysoft’s Ydentity2.0 that is realized by fido in accordance with international standard certification technology has been recognized in the domestic and overseas markets with for its security, convenience, privacy, and expandability.

Experience the excellent Ydentity2.0 that doesn’t require a password.