대표 인사말

CEO Greeting

Experience the user-friendly security that replaces passwords.

As the ICT service environment becomes more advanced, security becomes more important. Among various security sectors, Whykeykeysoft Inc. has released a high level of product, with a particular focus on user authentication.
Recently, there have been many hacking incidents because of the vulnerable management of user accounts. Users are becoming anxious, and business losses are growing.

Whykeykey, leading the security paradigm, will now be in front of you and provide a good experience for both users and operators.

CEO of Whykeykeysoft, Han Koo Cho

  • MS at Korea University in Information Security
  • BS at Kyung Hee University in Physics
  • Present – Whykeykeysoft Inc. CEO
  • Present - Vice Chairman of Korea Digital Forensic Industry Association (2019.5)
  • Developed the first digital signature module for smartphones (iOS / Android) in Korea
  • Developed the first embedded type digital signature module in Korea (DTV / WIPI)
  • Technical Director of the Korea Electronic Finance Forum Certification Committee
  • Digital Signature Expert Course of the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA)