회사 연혁

Company History


  • NOV
    • Outstanding company of Goverment Grant of ICT 2020
  • SEP
    • VP anti-smishing service development and supply contract
    • Nuri Telecom FIDO2.0 upgrade contract
  • AUG
    • Korea Information Certification Security Solution Supply Contract
    • Social Solidarity Bank security solution supply contract
  • JUL
    • KB Securities co. ltd Abbreviation-Signed solution development contract
    • SEMA Security Solution Supply Contract


  • NOV
    • Whykeykeysoft Inc. headquarters relocation (Samsung-dong, Gangnam)
  • OCT
    • Selected as excellent information protection product by Ministry of Science and Technology
    • TTA – Acquired GS first-class certification
    • Selected as First Penguin Company by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
    • Registered to KSM (KRX Startup Market)
  • MAR
    • Entered into business agreement and received investment for next-generation authentication security from AhnLab


  • OCT
    • Supplied FIDO2 server solution to K Company
    • Supplied FIDO2 server solution to P Company
    • Ydentity server and authentication device FIDO2 certification
    • Contract for the Development of Non-Installation HTML5 Digital Signature with Korea Information Certification
  • JUN
    • Selected as a preferred negotiator for the Nuri Telecom overseas crypto-currency exchange construction project
  • MAR
    • ETRI FIDO2 BLE Technology Development Agreement
    • Cooperation agreement with technical subcommittee and consulting service of Korea FIDO Industry Forum
  • JAN
    • Won a contract for development and management of CCTV equipment certificate for Hanwha Techwin
    • Acquired Ydentity FIDO Certification


  • NOV
    • Participated in KINTEX FINTECH Exhibition
  • OCT
    • Service contract for the service of PDF Digital Signature Service / Solution for Korea Information Certification
  • SEPT
    • Megazone and Amazon Cloud-Based Bio-certification Joint Business
    • Developed FIDO2 Authenticator using finger vein authentication
  • JUL
    • Selected as a joint venture of Samsung S1
  • JUN
    • Selected as NIPA K-Global Startup
  • MAY
    • Selected as K-Startup company by Kookmin University
  • APR
    • Selected as K-Global Security Startup by Korea Internet & Security Agency


  • OCT
    • Made a contract for certificate solution development of multi-OS with Korea Information Certification
  • JUL
    • Implemented Financial Information Center Bio-information Management System (FIDO)
  • JAN
    • Contract for development of overseas e-procurement solution for Korean Information Company


  • DEC
    • Maintenance contract with Koscom smartphone password/authentication solution
  • NOV
    • Contract for development of cryptographic module/test certification with NIS
  • SEPT
    • 11th, established Whykeykeysoft Inc.