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Whykeykeysoft Product

EzFinger2 for FIDO2

EzFinger2 is authorized FIDO2 Authentication device for web and greatly expands the FIDO ecosystem. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox will support FIDO2 for passwordless authentication.
FIDO's coresponding 'Client-to-Aunthenticator Protocol(CTAP)', which collectively will enable users to easily authenticate to online services.

  • Supported In
  • Edge
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • firefox

Web Authentication
An API for accessing Public Key

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Benefits for your organization

  • PIN 인증

    Strong protection against phishing attacks and meet revised privacy protection laws

  • 지문 인증

    Huge cost savings through avoidance of password resets

  • 모바일 OTP

    Simple and Easy authentication makes your work efficient

  • FIDO logo

    Low friction UX brings more site visitors, brand affinity, employee productivity

windows hello

Windows Hello for Azure

You are activating Azure AD Domain Join or Azure AD Hybrid join for your clients.
The setup requires your computer to be registerd for Windows Hello for Business.

EzFinger2 support Windows Hello user set-up for scan and registration. Support Windows Hello for Windows10 and screen unlock for Windows 7, 8 users.


1. Enter your ID and click EzFinger2 login.


2. A security key touch window will appear.


3. Just touch the EzFinger2.


4. You are in.

  • safety


    Use fingerprint instead of a weak password

  • accuracy


    Verifies real user through fingerprint recognition

  • all


    Supported natively across browsers and platforms

  • portability


    You can bring your fingerprint security key to any computer.

Ezfinger image

EzFinger2 Specification

  • Voltage : DC 5V
  • Operating Current : 50mA
  • Ext. Interface : USB
  • Int. Interface : SPI
  • ESD Protection : Contact(±4KV), Air(±8KV)